Friday, November 4, 2011

Literary Crushes...oh, hello Jack!

My awesome critique partner Leigh Ann has a guest vlog up today on my other awesome CP Gina's blog and it is...(you guessed it) awesome! Check out Leigh Ann's literary crushes here!

And I was excited to hear that the love interest in my very own book, The Elite, was one of her literary Jack!

Yet another awesome CP, Chessie, *drew* Jack, and can you tell I love him?? (His eyes! His dimple! His tight t-shirt!)

Turns out Jack is SO good-looking that my main character feels shy around him now. It's like...This guy? This guy likes...ME? Um. 

Mmmm, extra romantic tension. Thanks, Chessie!


  1. Chessie's talented! And Jack's hot. ;)
    Fun to visualize your characters like that, eh? I always cheat and turn to teh intarwebs. I can draw, but not people so well.

  2. Creeping on a post with my own drawing in it to tell you that I GAVE YOU A BLOG AWARD. ^_^ You should go check it out.