Hi! My name is Maggie Hall. I am a sometime resident of Albuquerque, NM, but my husband and I are currently traveling around the world. (Check out our travel blog HERE.)

I write young adult adventure stories, and I love traveling, decorating, champagne, and USC football.

My debut novel, a YA international thriller, is coming from Putnam/Penguin in 2014.

I am represented by Claudia Ballard at William Morris Endeavor.

Contact me at maggie (dot) bunting (at) gmail (dot) com or on Twitter at @MaggieEHall. 

For rights information, please contact Claudia Ballard at William Morris Endeavor.

I rarely blog here, but at the moment am blogging more often (okay, okay, Andrew is blogging more often, but I'm at least kind of involved) over at our travel blog: It's Adventure Time

The hubby and I are not always this scruffy, I promise.
7 Random Facts About Me:

1. My husband Andrew and I have three cats named Whiskey, Bourbon, and Scotch. We can only blame Whiskey and Bourbon's names on being young and stupid--we got them (a pair of identical brother cats) from a shelter years and years ago. We got Scotch a few months ago when she ended up in a tree in our front yard and adopted us. She still ended up named after liquor, even though we are supposedly responsible adults now.

2. I went to USC during the Matt Leinart/Reggie Bush years, and it gave me a lifelong love for college football. I once, on a dare, pinched Matt Leinart's behind at the local USC bar. (Don't judge, you would have done it too.) (Yes, you would have.) :)

3. I worked at Tiger Beat/BOP magazines for part of college. It was exactly as awesome as it sounds, which is to say... totally awesome.

4. I've never counted the number of countries I've been to, but it's quite a few. Lots of them I visited all alone. I got the dengue fever in Costa Rica, and thought I was going to die once in Cambodia. Those both sucked. But I also spent 5 weeks in India without getting food poisoning even once, which I am pretty proud of. (I should stop bragging about this or karma is going to bite me on my next trip.)
If you want to know more, here are blogs from some of my travels...

RTW (Round the World) 2006: 4 months of solo travel from Europe through SE Asia: ...all a good life requires is a passport and a corkscrew
India 2009: A month in India with Andrew (for some reason this one is only showing like 6 or 7 posts...trying to figure out why): Incredible India!

5. I was in a sorority in college. You are probably expecting me to tell you that it's nothing like it looks in the movies, but that would be untrue. It was kind of exactly like you see in the movies (the good parts, at least. We never had scary rituals or anything.) This might be because half the college movies out there were based on and/or filmed at my school (the other half were filmed at UCLA). We wore matching shirts and had costume parties with fraternities every weekend and would sometimes run out with all 200 girls and sing songs in the street on fraternity row.

6. I got to meet Ann M Martin at BEA a few years ago, and it was my biggest fangirl moment ever. I lived and died for the Babysitters Club from age 4-10 or so. I actually brought old BSC books with me in my luggage to BEA for her to sign. Seriously. 

7. I worked at a bookstore recently as an Events and Marketing Coordinator, which meant that I got to meet lots of really awesome authors and plan events and review books and all kinds of other great stuff. Yay independent bookstores!

(7.5. Yes, all these pics are of me! I'm naturally dark blonde, but I've dyed my hair back and forth from blonde to brown a few times over the years, just for fun. Or maybe because I'm an international spy in disguise. You never know.) 

What about you? What are your random facts?

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  1. I also have a cat named Scotch, but Scotch is short for Butterscotch.