Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Critique Partners Vlog -- On Inspiration

This week in Critique Partners 2.0, we're talking about inspiration. And I'm also talking a little bit about wine, and about the magical properties of my hair. Check out the rest of my lovely and talented CPs over at Leigh Ann Kopans' blog!


  1. Bahahaha YAYYYYY for webcams and their fickle lighting preferences!!!

    It was neat to hear about your inspiration. I'm always interested in thinking about genres and new genres and overlapping genres...aside from being fascinating, it strikes me as an important thing to understand as a writer.

  2. Loved this vlog, Maggie. *waves* I'm a new follower...but your inspiration is great. I love learning how other writers come up with their ideas. I look forward to more vlogs from you :-)